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We are SYSCOMM, a top web designer and SEO advisor company based mostly in Johor Bahru and Singapore specialized in custom web design and revamp. As we are a tight knit team, web design project gets the personal touch to it. We care for your business and wish for the succeed.

Since 2001, we have been helping companies on web design and improve their corporate sites by using a clear, simpler, efficient, unique and more professional way. We have an insight-driven team who are able to understand our customers needs and deliver the content on all performance objectives. Our skilled developers have custom created thousands of deeply enriching and artistic websites with complete enhancing solutions.

If we are the right company for you, please contact us.

Top Web Designer in Johor Bahru Singapore with Creative Website Design Skills

With over 15 years of experiences, we create quality and responsive websites for your business.
We don’t outsource your Web Design project to other countries or companies, your project is fully managed and created by us.
We strongly believe that having a quality and updated website is a necessity for any businesses. It not only having your business reputation on display to show potential customers and also to establish new customers and generate more revenue for the company.
Be Open For Business 24 Hours a Day / Make Money From Your Site / Viral Marketing Without a Marketing Cost / Reach New Markets With a Global Audience / Present a Professional and Credible Image / Sell Your Products and Services Online / Promote Your Services / Your Business Internet Identity / Customer Feedback

corporate – Business websites need not be boring and dull. Enhance your customers’ experience with web design that is both creative and professional.
branding website design -Creative websites challenge the norm. Stand out from the millions of websites on the internet with expert design that is insightful and compelling.
ecommerce – Online shopping is all about credibility and convenience. Make sure your customer gets both through a well designed and executed eCommerce website
– Custom Programming is about meeting your specific online requirements. Configure your website according to your evolving business functions.
responsive web design – Today’s internet users possess a variety of devices from which they can access websites. Ensure yours is compatible with desktop, mobile and tablet formats.
copywriting – Your web content should do more than just inform. Establish credibility and engage your customers with good writing.

We are an all-in-one digital media solutions provider. As experts in this industry, we take effort to understand our clients’ needs and advise them on the best way forward in venturing into the online / digital media platform. Digital media is our passion, our clients’ are our priority.
• SEO is a very powerful tool to rank ahead of your competitors. • A form of Online Marketing targets to achieve a high search engine ranking on platform like Google/Yahoo/Bing, targeting potential customers.
Researches from our experiences has shown that there is an approximate 10,000 to 20,000 typical amount search per month for a general type of service or product in Singapore. Wewill provide a complimentary full detailed report on your keyword and we will build your website so that it will rank higher on Search Engine page.
Having the expertise in SEO, we will only advise our clients to build on keywords which will yield the highest benefits / leads / return of investment. We do not build on keywords that are of low search and low result which reap no profits for business owners who have invested in online marketing.

How can online marketing works in Singapore?
In Singapore, there are so much business that sells the same service or products. nobody would know about your business existence in the internet if it does not do the right marketing.
Business that are more advance in technology & make proper planning, stand an edge against their competitor.
Free online marketing strategy such as register your business with Google Business, get your business listed on your local map.
Benefits of Online Marketing
By marketing on the Internet, you can overcome barriers of distance. Your shop will be open 24 hours, without bearing the cost of a physical shop rental. You don’t have to set up local outlets, widening your target market.
Marketing products on the Internet costs much less than marketing them through a physical retail outlet where you need to hire or assign your staffs to give our flyers etc.
Your leads are more targeted, your customer are more likely to convert, and the amount you spend on online marketing will be a fraction of what it cost to run your business physically.
How to begin with Online Marketing
There are many strategies and ways to improve your business, find out more by contact us and we will plan with you on your business to get more leads, return of investment & become the market leader of your industry.
In order to build the proper optimization and utilize on social media, search engine to find your new customers, you will need to spend quite a big amount of time to read up and go into a field you are unfamiliar with.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Performance Measure

Track customers perceptions or attitudes about brand over time.


Increase repeat purchase

Track number of customers making repeat purchase.


Encourage bran loyalty

Repeat purchase.

Share of requirements.

Track customers perceptions or attitudes about brand vs. competitive brands.

Track purchase intent of your brand vs. competitive brands.


Develop database of customers and prospects (web design)

Number of sales leads collected online.

Quality of sales leads.


Provide/improve customer service

Track number of visits online versus offline inquiries.

Track customer satisfaction over time.

Track costs of customer service online vs. offline.


Reduce marketing costs

>Compare online marketing costs and effectiveness to traditional marketing costs.


Field survey research

Compare costs, response rates and timing of results for online vs. offline research.


Reach target audience missed

Increase in audience reach.

Increase in sales.


Drive traffic to marketers site

Click through.

Number of visits.

Length of visits.

Page views.


Drive traffic to retail location

Increase in-store traffic.

Source of awareness.

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